Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Day Challenge, Welcome to October!

A dear friend and fellow blogger, Katie, started a 31 day challenge for October to write about singleness! My first thought was "wow that is a lot of writing on a really tricky topic"! My second thought followed quickly "I need that challenge".

But lets change the topic. 

This is a Nanny Blog after all. 

Since it is now October 1st and I am just starting the thought process lets not limit it to one specific topic but keep it open ended, anything relating to the field of nanny works. 

Some posts may be long, some may just be pictures, others random thoughts for the day.

The important thing is that I am taking up the challenge. 


Writing is beneficial for everyone involved, mainly me the writer and you the reader. I started this blog a few months ago in hopes of connecting, encouraging, and building a nanny community. Thanks to the wonderful world of social media that has been happening wonderfully. Still I feel I have kind of failed on the blogging end, barely writing more than two posts a month. 

You get, it life gets busy, while spending days with kids is emotionally and mentally draining. That is the part of this that is going to be a challenge. Consistency in writing everyday. Hopefully with ideas that don't bore you, better yet topics that intrigue and resonate with you.  The  motivation to stay consistent is not just to become a better writer, but to build a stronger community, to become a better nanny, and in the end a stronger person. A person who can set and stick with a goal.

As there are only 2 strong ideas floating in my head I need your help! 
What topics would you love to see discussed here in the next 31 days?



  1. I know that NaBloPoMo 30 day challenge is coming up in November too. I have never taken up the challenge. I don't have a consistent work schedule, and so I have trouble building other consistent schedules! But- I know that lots of people who have taken up the challenge have come out smiling on the other end. Good luck with this!

    1. Totally just made the connection of who you are :-) Got to love social media!! Even if you can only do a few days a week you should try it.

  2. Love this! So glad you are doing! Let's keep each other encouraged. I too needed the challenge to write more, and I'm still scratching my head at the topic lol! Any suggests for me to write on are very welcomed dear friend! On the Nanny end - I think I'd love to hear how you balance passionately loving and caring for the boys, while yet still not taking responsibility for them in an unhealthy way.

    1. Yes!!! I need accountability. I love your idea about balance, thank you!!
      A fun post for you might be able being single in a ministry world that wants to set you up :-)