Saturday, September 27, 2014

If You Don't Stay Home With Kids...

...You Don't Know How Annoying Your Day Time Noise Is!

Yes, I really just said that. 

I will keep this post short and sweet since I generally don't like to negatively rant. 

But this noise has gone on long enough that ranting might just be the thing I need to cleanse my soul from the negativity building.

Speaking of building, the house next store is totally gutting and rebuilding their house, has been for the last month. Nice people, living out their mother's wish of keeping the house in the family, a house that needs and is getting a total make over. At the expense of my nerves.

Something you might not know about Seattle, it does not actual rain all day everyday. Anytime between 11:30 -1:30 the sun usually makes it ways through the clouds and turns Seattle into a perfect green playground of life. 

Or a perfect place to rebuild a house every afternoon. Every afternoon at the same exact time that I put the boys down for nap, without fail. 

All morning we will be playing quietly inside or traipsing in the yard exploring all the new garden spiders popping up.  With little to no noise coming from our next store neighbor's. Lunch time we can hear the birds start to chirp and the sun rays poking through the clouds. As I lay Bug down for his nap, with out fail within 20 minutes hammers, saws, and lots of loud banging starts...and continues...for the next 3 hours. Ending with just the right amount of bang to wake up the precious sleep of my little men. Killing the sweet quiet time of my day and the rest that they desperately need to function.

Yes it is their right to rebuild their home. 
Yes it is life that neighbors are going to be loud.
Yes our house has it moments of drum banging and screaming children. 
But now I realize just how annoying it is to have neighbors, everyday, make countless amounts of noise.

Oh well. 
Such is life.
And Yes I feel better getting this off my chest. 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lets Play Some Football

Sunday, for some the day of rest -for us this week it was a day for Bear to reignite his love for football; as much as a 2 1/2 year old can love anything.

It's only Wednesday but ever since the Seahawks lost to the Chargers this past weekend Bear has been pretty protective of his football. He will run across the yard yelling "tackle me". If I don't chase after him we will come grab my hand and walk me into the yard to tackle him. After he is tickled and tackled it becomes my turn to run with the ball and when Bear finally catches me and grabs my leg I fall down with a big thud so he can tackle me. Continually press repeat and welcome to the last three days of my life. 

We were at one of our favorite parks yesterday when Bear found a football and from across the field yelled "Elizabeth Tackle Me". I was talking to MB's friend who we ran into so I called out to Bear to play catch with Bug who was toddling behind his older brother. But this was not what Bear wanted, so he ran over, grabbed my hand, and started pulling me onto the field. What else could I do but go tackle him?

Honestly, I enjoy it!
Chasing after Bear, ending up in a pile of laughter and giggles brings lights to my day. Especially on those days where I tend to be a bit grumpy.

Yesterday being 5'4" on a grassy field with a bunch of 3 year olds started to become obvious after a few minutes. So I began to look around noticing for the most part there wasn't much playing happening on this playground. Sure there were kids digging in the sand, babies being pushed on swings, and toddlers climbing up the stairs to pick which slide they would use to come down, but there were no giggles, no laughter, no cries for mommy, daddy, or nanny to come play.

I get it - we were at a park, a playground, a place where kids can run around and parents get a few minutes of breathing room from being constantly tugged on. Parks are a place where kids can be kids and nannies don't have to worry about entertaining the children.

Does anyone else find it odd though that in the hour I was at the park laughter seemed obsolete? 
In the year that I have been taking the boys to various parks at random times throughout the day the moments I see adult/child interaction is like a rare gem instead of the norm.

So as much as I was enjoyed running around with Bear and rolling in the grass with the boys I felt out of place. Out of place by actually playing with my NK, out of place because of laughter and enjoying the boys I spend 8 hours a day with.  

This made me sad, really sad. It made me sad to think of all the moments I just want to get them to the playground for a few minutes of freedom. It made me sad for the times I sent them into the yard with a ball as I sat on the grass checking my twitter account. It made me sad for all of the parents/nannies who don't get to experience this with their kids.
Lastly it made me want to change - to stop and smell the roses so to speak. Yesterday while laughing on the ground surrounded by hovering parents, chatty moms, cell-phone dads, and tired nannies I remembered how short my time is with these boys. In the last year they have changed more than I expected; in the next year they will change even more. Soon my time with them will be over. When my time is up what will their few memories of me be?

From this day forward I hope they are memories of laughter and joy. Memories of rolling in the dirt, playing in the mud, and me yelling at Bear to "play some football"