Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Perfect Nanny Day

Driving home through rush hour traffic yesterday I called my sister to help pass the time and finalize some Thanksgiving plans. Like all good sisters do she inquired about my day, causing me to stop and think about how my day was.

We all know that kids can be unpredictable meaning a work day with them can be unpredictable. Goodness knows that I have had my rough days as a nanny, the days that I wanted to throw in the towel after the 4th cup of water was spilt, the 3rd tantrum wouldn't end, and both naps were missed. Those days where going home to a glass of wine, Netflix, and box of chocolate seems like the most wonderful thing in the world.

As I mentally re-played my day with Roo to answer my sister, I realized I had as close to a perfect Nanny day as could possibly be. The ONLY thing that would have made it better was if I had remembered to bring my sneakers for a run. Other wise my day went by with a 2 fabulously long naps, 3 bottles fully drank, and a variety of pureed baby foods tried and liked by Roo. In between all this napping and eating was only 1 nasty diaper, wonderful tummy time, and lots of baby cuddles.

The reason I share this is not to brag, because it is nothing I did, but to take a minute to be grateful for a great day. Far to easily I end up complaining about the no-nap days, the fussy days, and the couldn't get out of the house days. While today is only half over it is already turning out to be another great (but not quite perfect) nanny day. So here is to those days, the days were more things go right than wrong. To the days where babies take great naps and love the new foods you give the. To the moments of cuddles, kisses, and laughter. I am grateful for you today!

Yes I am Corny Enough to "cheers" with Baby Bottles.

ceconner© 10.28.215

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

There Those that Craft and Those that Don't.

Let us be honest, there are those that craft and those that don't.

There are people who get their kicks off DIY projects and those who would rather ram their heads into a wall.

There are caretakers who loves sensory activities and there are caretakers that feel they are just another way to get the house messy.

I fall into the later of all those categories. I'm not crafty. DIY really mean Dude In Your...Dreams. And sensory activities, well they may be my least favorite of them all. The truth is I have other strengths as a nanny and I am okay that craftiness is not one of them. But about 2 years ago I tried my first sensory activity with cornstarch and water. They said it would be easy. They said it would entertain the kid for a long time. They said it would become a family favorite. Well they lied. But you can read about that awful day here.

Well with one less Nanny-Kid to look after, a lot more free time, and a much larger support system of nannies I decided to give this cornstarch and water thing another try. After all the whole world of sensory nannies can't be wrong on how awesome it is, can they? 

So I started looking for legitimate recipes, like what is the real cornstarch to water ratio? After googling blogs failed me with their "eye ball it" and "slowly add water until you like the consistency" I went to my trusty group of nannies on my favorite social media site. I put out a desperate plea for someone to please HELP me understand how to do this activity correctly. As they always do - the nannies came to my rescue.

First tip, use a baking sheet or cake pan (personal tip: baking sheet for tummy babies, cake pan for older tots).

Second tip, about double the cornstarch to water ratio (one nanny actually gave me a measurement of about one cup cornstarch to about a 1/2 cup water). The substance should have the consistency of honey.

Third tip, mix it with your hand. This helps you be able to feel the consistency and how much more or less water should be in the mix. This also allows you to break up any cornstarch clumps that may be appearing.

The last tip, a nanny gave me was a fun fact for the toddlers, mix in little toys/trinkets for the kids to find (for Halloween plastic spiders or pumpkins) or food coloring for a new look.

After prepping our play space with two massive white towels (cornstarch washes right out), mixing the cornstarch and water to what I deemed the right consistency, Roo and I laid on our tummies to play! I was slightly nervous and skeptical after my last round with this activity but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Not only was Roo fully interested in this weird texture on his hands I was enjoying running my fingers across the baking sheet. Roo ran out of interest way before I did, but probably held his 6 month old brain for a full 20 minutes. 

Besides on small slip of goop that didn't land on the towels clean up was pretty easy, rinsing on baking sheet with hot water and soap and throwing towels in the dryer. Overall this experience was so much different than last time. Don't tell anyone but I really can't wait to pull out the cornstarch and baking pan again this week.

Oh and I can't forget Dad-Boss fully geeked out because his son was learning about a non-Newtonian substance, so this activity had is totally parent approved.

ceconner© 10.19.215