Saturday, September 27, 2014

If You Don't Stay Home With Kids...

...You Don't Know How Annoying Your Day Time Noise Is!

Yes, I really just said that. 

I will keep this post short and sweet since I generally don't like to negatively rant. 

But this noise has gone on long enough that ranting might just be the thing I need to cleanse my soul from the negativity building.

Speaking of building, the house next store is totally gutting and rebuilding their house, has been for the last month. Nice people, living out their mother's wish of keeping the house in the family, a house that needs and is getting a total make over. At the expense of my nerves.

Something you might not know about Seattle, it does not actual rain all day everyday. Anytime between 11:30 -1:30 the sun usually makes it ways through the clouds and turns Seattle into a perfect green playground of life. 

Or a perfect place to rebuild a house every afternoon. Every afternoon at the same exact time that I put the boys down for nap, without fail. 

All morning we will be playing quietly inside or traipsing in the yard exploring all the new garden spiders popping up.  With little to no noise coming from our next store neighbor's. Lunch time we can hear the birds start to chirp and the sun rays poking through the clouds. As I lay Bug down for his nap, with out fail within 20 minutes hammers, saws, and lots of loud banging starts...and continues...for the next 3 hours. Ending with just the right amount of bang to wake up the precious sleep of my little men. Killing the sweet quiet time of my day and the rest that they desperately need to function.

Yes it is their right to rebuild their home. 
Yes it is life that neighbors are going to be loud.
Yes our house has it moments of drum banging and screaming children. 
But now I realize just how annoying it is to have neighbors, everyday, make countless amounts of noise.

Oh well. 
Such is life.
And Yes I feel better getting this off my chest. 


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