Friday, October 3, 2014


Yesterday it took a 45 minute battle to get Bear out of his jammies and into real clothes. Today after 30 minutes I gave up (with a plan). I got Bug situated in the Car then picked up a diapered but otherwise naked Bear along with his pants, t-shirt, socks, and shoes for the day, and struggled to get my adorably cute screaming toddler-filled NK in his car-seat

The wonders of a car ride to calm a crying child down.

The success story is by the time we pulled into the parking lot Bear was happy and excited to get dressed and go shopping for our trip to the beach. 

On the way home I couldn’t help but be grateful that MB/DB get to deal with Bear’s “I don’t want to wear pajamas” phase for the next two days. 

And it hit me, I have been so stressed out by Bear’s becoming a full blown terrible two toddler moments that I have forgotten an important part of my job. 

 As I write this blog I am in the back of a minivan; DB is driving, MB is alongside of him tickling Bear’s little toes as Bug stares out the window. Bear’s laughter of “tickle me again Mama” rings throughout the car and I am once again struck by how much I have to be grateful for. 

Bear and Bug love to laugh.
ALL the Time!
There is more laughter and love in our days then there is crying and tantrums. This is a fact that I need to remind myself daily. The 30/45 minutes of rough mornings is nothing compared to the 7 ½ hours of fun and laughter we share every day. 

 I am living and working with a family that has a deep love for each other. Parents who love each other and their boys dearly. A Nanny-Family who has welcomed me open arms into their family and has loved me like a sister. And two adorable boys that pour more love into my life than I have received from any human being.

I am blessed to work with a NF who trusts me, who gives my good guidelines, and have great open communication. Because of all of these things I am given the ability to schedule our days, arrange play-dates, play-time, and lunch-time. Having time and freedom in a job has become such a wonderful benefit. On top of that I have nights and weekends free, something that I am finding is rare in the nanny community. I have time for my NF, time for new friends, old friends, and most importantly myself. 

The root of all great nanny jobs is fun. We have fun. Whether is playing sports outside, building an epically horrible replica of a sandcastle with Duplos, jumping of the couch, or wrestling we have more laughter in our one day then some do in their whole week. 

This weekend I hope to focus on being constantly more thankful for what I have. 


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