Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ocean Weekend Getaway

There are months, weeks, days, and moments in life where you just need to get away and refresh. This past weekend was one of those moments - not just for me but for the whole NF.

We headed to the coast of Washington and enjoyed incredibly warm weather for the month of October. The sun and sky made a perfect backdrop for our perfect day at the beach.

 It was one of those sights that I felt like I was walking out of a movie scene and into a surreal life moment.

The wind was also perfect for flying kites, Bear enjoyed his first kite flying experience as Bug toddled around in the sand.

And what would a beach trip be without a perfect hash-tag shout out to all my fellow nannies!

Bug loved the sand and water! By the end of the day we were all covered with it, but our hearts were full and rested to start a new and busy week. 


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