Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am a Failure...

...And I really don't mind!

I started this challenge 8 days ago and already I have missed posting on 3 of the days. Life happened! Toddlers needs taking care of, laundry needed to get done, I wanted to touch base with friends/family from NY, and then I got this head cold that decided to kick up. Oh add in I am trying to form better sleeping habits by going to bed at a reasonable hour so I can wake up without feeling a desperate need for a caffeine iv in my arm. None of this leaves much time for blogging.

When I started this challenge I knew that I would miss days, probably more than I should. 8 months ago I started this blog with hopes of updating it at least 3 times a week, and an additional Friday Field-trips post with fun activities we had discovered recently. Well that failed too.

By blogging standards I am a failure...

...And I really don't mind. 
Because Sometimes is better than Never
Trying is better than Never Starting.
Failing is better than Giving Up. 

Failure means putting in effort. Give things a shot. Working at something until it just won't work or until a door slams shut. Failure means that a goal was written down, words were spoken, and time was committed. In the end it means you dreamed, you lived, you failed, and you know better for next time. 

Failure in writing a blog post is not the end of the world; it will have no detrimental effect on anyone in this world. But what about when I fail as a nanny? What if failure happens when it comes to kids?

By the end of last Friday afternoon I felt like a nanny failure! Bear had another clothing fight on Friday and he seemed to want nothing to do with me most of the weekend. On both Saturday and Sunday Bear was as sweet as could be for DB when it came time to get out of his pajamas. I kept thinking: "What am I doing wrong? Seriously, how is it that we can spend so much time together, have so much fun and he puts up such a fight for me and nothing for his parents." I was on the verge of being done with this whole toddler thing, emotionally.

After a long walk on the beach I was reminded to have faith; have faith that this too shall pass. I was reminded that even when I felt like a failure because of something so small I was succeeding at something so much greater...loving these little men! I was trying, I wasn't giving up, and I wasn't throwing in the towel.  I was however pushing forward. I was willing to look at last week to see what didn't work and look at this week with what could possibly work.

You know what? I am so glad I failed last week because it has given me the insight to see how I could change and become a better nanny. This week there has been a lot more hugs, cuddles, and kisses. This week we have had better nap times, more fun adventures, and no fighting about pajamas!

 This week has been a week of nanny success.
A week I might have taken for granted if I hadn't felt like a failure last week. 


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  1. sooo...positive reinforcement works to get toddlers out of pj's? LOL I'm glad you had a better week, more focus, and felt like a better nanny. Know that as a parent or nanny there will be many times you feel like a failure- you might even have to ask forgiveness from the children you care for- but if you just don't give-up it will all come out right in the end. You didn't give up - and found some great insight. (that is pretty awesome)