Friday, October 3, 2014

Pajama Wars and Humble Pie

I have been eating a lot of humble pie this month.

I mean A LOT!
This week the humble pie hit me smack in the face, like whip cream pie splash.

On Monday the boys and I were at a local community center, while there I saw a little boy about 3 years old in full blown footy pajamas. I snootily thought "how on earth could a parent/nanny let their child out in public like that". Then Tuesday hit with a ton of bricks throwing that whip cream pie right in my face. Bear woke up and decided that pajamas were the only thing he wanted to wear. With a small rift he got in jeans and t-shirt and to the playground but as soon as we were home back on with the pj's. Not caring too much about what he wears at home I didn't mind.

Last night as his parents were getting ready for dance class as we realized he had the same batman shirt on for 3 days and nights! What just happened to me as a nanny? How did I become that person who let their NK wear the same shirt for three days?

This morning, oh boy this morning was a rough one. A battle I should have let slide but my pride and pajama wearing in public hating self wouldn't let it. It took 45 minutes, lots of tears, counting to 10 like 10 times, and little bribery but we did it. Bear was out of his pajamas, in real clothes, and happily in the car for our play date.

"I have become my Father"! 
Flash backs of him refusing to let me wear pj's and sweats to school crashed into my brain. I get it now, the pride, the "what will people think of me" "my child/NK can't wear that" thought process. 

In the end does it matter if Bear wears his pajamas in public or not?
Not really. 
Would I stick to my guns and do the same thing if I had a redo this morning?
Should I?
Who knows.

Bear has his wants and I have my pride. With this toddler thing becoming full blown I am sure pajama wars are only the first humble pie being thrown.

Ready or not I am about to become an expert on pajama wars..
...or humble pie..
...too bad it can't be apple pie instead. 


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