Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Best Decision I Ever Made...

...Before Taking a New Job!

Back in January, before I knew that I would be in search of a new job, my nannyfamily gave me the the month off in July so I could go back to NY to visit my family and friends. As the time grew closer I was on the fence about going to NY or taking the time to travel the west coast, but finally I decided that spending time with family was more important. As it ended up working out my last day of work with this nannyfamily would be the end of June. With my plans already made by that point I realized that July was going to bring me a month off with no work and a trip with nothing but relaxing on the docket.

Found this on the wall of Anderson's,
on of my all time favorite places to eat.
At first I was slightly worried about affording the time off. I had saved a bit of money but 5 weeks without a paycheck and no job yet lined up was kind of scary. A week before I left for my trip my mom ran into the owner of a pizza place I worked at in college, he told her if I needed a job for a few weeks to give him a call. So I did. It would be fun to have a little something to keep me busy a few shifts a week and make some extra cash. 

 The day of my flight arrived, I hopped on the plane with way too many overstuffed bags and an excitement for a month with no kids. It wasn't until I was sitting in my seat as the plane was taking off that I realized this was my first true vacation in 2 years. Don't get me wrong I have had time off and have traveled more times than I wish to count back to NY since moving but most of my trips back were packed with weddings, bridal showers, people to see, and things to do. I sat there relishing in the fact I had FIVE WEEKS to do whatever I wanted. 

As I look back of my "sabbatical" I have a hard time putting into words exactly how wonderful it was. July started off with a camping trip, re-uniting with friends and my first nannyfamily at a 3-Day country concert weekend. Between the concerts, the campfire, late night games, and a whole lot of laughter I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Niagara Falls 2015
Straight from there I headed out to a youth camp called SuperSumerNY (SSNY). I want to take a second delve into SSNY - what is it? It is a week long Christian* leadership camp for students 6th - 12th grade. Over my life I have attended a lot of camps and worked at even more. SSNY was by far the most spiritually impactful camp I have ever been involved in. As a leader I think I may have taken away more in that one week than I have in church the last 2 years. I can't say enough about my time there. If you have a student in middle or high school click this link to learn more about SSNY!

What is Niagara Falls without a Selfie?
After a week at SSNY headed to my parent's home for the rest of my sabbatical. For the next four weeks I did (or didn't do) whatever I wanted. I visited with friends and caught up on some much needed best friend time. My Dad took my out for several motorcycle rides where I fell back in love with the vast country and farm land. If you think NY is all cities go explore the the rest of the state. There were days hanging out with my sister and nieces, a quick trip from my brother and his family, and a last minute wedding with my other brother. My mom and I spent hours having 2 years worth of heart to hearts that just don't feel the same over the phone. The first night back at work at the pizza shop I realized just how "old" I was. For the first time in my life I truly felt out of place because of my age. But as time went on I began to enjoy getting to know my co-workers and even had a couple chances to be reminded that if nannying ever goes south I really do enjoy waitressing.

The rest of my time was spent reading my stand-by book series "Love Comes Softly", finally watching "Friends", and starting to re-watch "Army Wives". Above all I was letting my guard down and really relaxing. So much so that my body decided it needed to be sick twice in three weeks.

My last day in Buffalo my Mom and I went down to the river for a walk. The water was crystal clear blue, the grass was green, the trees in full bloom, and it was peaceful. I was at peace. I was ready to return to the rat-race of city life, to a new job which I was fully excited about, and to my home. More than anything I was grateful! Grateful for this time to decompress from the busy life of the past 2 years. Grateful for rekindled friendships with people that just know me. Grateful to know that whenever my time is up here in Seattle I would be okay, that there are friends and family, that love me and want me to come back to the rolling hills of NY.

One of the best parts of the trip, a long walk on the water with my Mom.

Until that time, I am happy.
Happy to be sitting at the kitchen counter with a cup of hot chocolate, a sleep machine murmuring in the baby monitor, and a job that is beyond delightful. I will ever be thankful for the ability to make the best decision of my nanny career yet - taking time off between jobs. This time allowed me a break between jobs to be refreshed and energized for the next family. I started work Monday morning ready and emotionally equipped for this new season. 

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*Editor Note: I try to keep my relationship with Christ off of this blog because this blog is meant to support and encourage nannies in their career, not separate us because of our religious views. However this camp had such an impact in my life that I can not talk about my summer without talking about that week. 

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