Thursday, April 30, 2015

The No Good - Very Bad - Worste Day at Work

Enjoying a Beautiful Day on the Water!

He was in the bathroom crying, kicking, pounding. I had just shut the door, holding the handle, and counting to ten before I opened the door and began another round. His brother was sound asleep in the room across the hall. As I quickly reached ten I also sighed a rushed prayer that Bug would stay asleep as I dealt with Bear.

To paint a small picture for you the boys and their parents had just come back from a great vacation with ear infections. Along with sickness the boys were adjusting to their Dad being out of town for the week and they were getting re-acclimated to their normal schedule. Monday ended with Bear having a temperature of 104.7, Tuesday ended with both the boys having the antibiotics they needed to fight their ear infections, Wednesday went smooth sailing as we soaked up the sun, and then Thursday...

...Thursday I was standing there counting. The normally levelheaded 3 year old who I spend almost everyday playing with turned into a possessed child that I didn't recognize or know how to handle. He was getting frustrated by every little thing - by frustrated I mean screaming his head off at the top of his lungs and by every little thing I mean - every. little. thing. An hour into my work day the thought of giving him grace was beyond my comprehension because I just didn't have enough to give. Three hours in I had a choice to either laugh or cry. Five hours in - nap time commenced I was holding the door handle wondering what to do next.

Taking a deep breathe I opened the door, calmly told Bear that if he wanted his three stories before nap time he needed to stop crying and talk to me. As he wiped away his tears he climbed into my arms and we headed towards his bedroom. An hour later after finishing up the dishes I was ready to crawl into bed myself; at the same time feeling like some cuddle time with Bear could be just the cure. I opened his door, Bear popped up from his bed when I entered, we picked up blanky, and Bear headed to my room. We spent the next half hour cuddling, laughing, and erasing the trauma of the earlier morning.

Almost a week later the boys are standing here tossing rocks into the water. I hang back to snap a few pictures. Sliding my camera back into my pocket I soak it in - the perfect Seattle day, the boys by the water, the sounds of waves splashing the shores, the birds in the back ground, kid laughter, and the sweet smell of bonfire burning in the early afternoon. AND NO tears, no tantrums, no fighting - just sweet enjoyment of the day.

That is when it hit me - I have the best job. Yes day's like last Thursday happen. The No Good - Very Bad - Worst Day at Work kind of days. But then today happens. Days without papers to push, or phone calls to answer, nor deadlines to abide by. There will be days where I have to shut the door and count to ten. Hours will slowly pass-by when I wonder if I will make it to five o'clock with toddler-hood tantrums that bring their own set of headaches.

Yet still have I have the best job in the world. You know why? Because the struggles will end, the tantrums subside, and tears can be dried. Each day is new and fresh. Every morning brings a clean slate with no mistakes on it yet. So this, this is why I have the best job because everyday, no matter how many mistakes I made the day before, today is a new day.

ceconner© 4.29.2015

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