Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not Old Enough to Have...

Photo Credit to Christine Steward
This past weekend was one full of surprises - to pretty much every family member I have in New York. It started out with a great deal on plane tickets for a 5 day weekend that just happened to work for throwing my friends bridal shower. It ended with my deciding that this was a great way to surprise my parents since I couldn’t get home for Christmas.

After leaving my parents stunned and speechless Friday night - I went into crazy bridal shower mode on Saturday and Sunday. Late Sunday night allowed me some freedom to visit one of my favorite boys – Hunter. The first kid to steal my heart, make me laugh, make me cry, and realize the joy that can come from taking care of someone else's children.

His Dad and Mom knew that I was in town and would be stopping by but decided that it would be fun to surprise Hunter. I pulled in the driveway with a smile excited to see my little man. His Mom opened the door and after a quick hug from Mom and Dad I crept upstairs where Hunter was hanging out with his best friend. I quietly stuck my head in the door and tapped lightly - Hunter's buddy looked up to see me standing there. He had to nudge Hunter who was still wrapped up some game.

Then Hunter looked up - shocked, surprised, emotional, and not so little. He jumped up into a big hug and just held on. Through a tight hug I could tell that he was fighting to keep tears at bay. I was letting mine flow freely while his mom wiped away tears in the doorway. My little Hunter was tipping the scales on being taller than me and was a full blown teenager!

After we all composed ourselves and caught up - we began talking about how Hunter's older brother Jordan had just gotten engaged on Valentine's Day. My second thought (the first being how happy I am that He found a beautiful woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with) was that I am not old enough to have a NannyKid get married!! Granted he is only 5 years younger than me. As the night hours began to crawl into early morning I headed home tired, cold (my card read -8 degrees Ferinheight), and overwhelmingly happy.

Who would have thought 13 years ago when I said yes to watch these two boys so their parents could have a night out that I would be back this many years later. Feeling like a proud sister of these boys that I call brothers. The oldest married, the middle engaged, and the youngest having his first date. All successful, smart, kind hearted young men – men that I am proud to know and love.

ceconner © 2.17.2015

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