Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Monday...

...something 'bout that day!

I have never really liked Mondays, they have always meant the end of a weekend and 5 more days until my time was mine again. 

Then I became a nanny. 

Mondays are still not my favorite day but I no longer dread getting out of bed and heading into work. My secret?

 Planning something fun to do. 

The Mondays that drive me nuts are ones like today. They are the days I don't have any plans with the boys, where I lazily stay in my PJ's until noon, and Bug wont take his morning nap. 

My favorite Monday's are the days where I am proactive. 
I make a plan to get out of the house, go to the park, the aquarium, even just a walk. 
Or if Bear is out with his mom I put a Jillian Michael's video in and get my work out on during Bug's nap.

How do you deal with your case of the Mondays?


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