Friday, May 9, 2014

Woodland Park Zoo

Ahh the Zoo.

 The Lions, Elephants, Penguins, Zebras, and other rare creatures that can only be found in the USA at a zoo.


My last memory of going to a zoo was as a teenager, visiting the Miami Zoo with my older cousins family. Two young child, sweltering heat, and humidity that could make any hair frizz. Who doesn't enjoy a trip to the local zoo with the kids on a sunny day?

Well Me, that is until this most recent trip that I took with Bear, Bug, and their mom. 

We decided to get up early last week, pack the boys up, skip morning nap time and head to the Woodland Park Zoo. It only seemed fitting since Bear had been asking to go for the past three days.

And for the first time since who knows when, I really enjoyed a trip to the zoo. 

We got there right when the zoo opened (Secret One), so it wasn't over crowded, each exhibit generally only had one or two other families at it. No pushing and shoving to get closer to the glass.

It happened to be feeding hour, and the wonderful zoo keepers like their visitors to experience meal time, by putting the food close to the glass.

We leisurely explored 1/4 of the zoo taking our time looking at the woodland animals, the monkeys, and feeding the birds. Then we headed out as rush hour was starting, 11am (Secret Two).

So Here is My 411 on Going to the Zoo:
  • Get a Membership (Secret Three): they have several options which all pay themselves after roughly the 4th visit.
  • Go Early: on a weekday especially to avoid crowds and school tours.
  • Small Pieces: Don't feel like you have to do the whole zoo in one trip, take your time, exploring a section or two at a time.
  • Rainy Day: Let the kids run around at the indoor ZooMazium and burn up that energy
  • Go With a Plan: Check out the online map, get the kiddos excited for the animals they will see.

Those are my secrets and tips for the beautiful shaded Woodland Park Zoo. Let me know how your next visit goes!

ceconner ©5.9.2014

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