Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Quit!

After 10 Years of Providing Child Care I Quit!

It was the year of my 21st birthday and child care had been my main side job for years. As I mentioned in "Let's Start at the Beginning..." there were countless families and children that came in and out of my life for years - but I was done! Like who cares how much money you offer - don't call me to watch another child done!

working at my desk
But this was going to require something big, a major life change. After picking up, packing, moving several hours away, and landing my first real "big girl" job the change came. It was a new town, with new people, and new friends - NO ONE needed to know that in another life I was a child watching machine.  My lips were sealed.

But why?

Why quit something that came as natural as breathing?

Honestly and simply - I was burned out. The night that I spent more time on my cell phone than with the child who was glued to the TV I knew it was time to stop. As someone who prided herself on putting the cell phone on silent and turning the TV off this was a hit rock bottom night. I realized that changing diapers, bed times, playing catch, reading books, and cooking meals were not the problem. But it was the 100th time I had to say no to someone elses child, the lack of communication from certain parents, the low pay from others, falling asleep on the couch, and heading home covered in baby food just grated my last nerves. 

First Quarter at Work
None of these things were new and they were all part of the job.

But at 21 with at 1,000 hours of experience under my belt , a called off engagement, and dashed dreams of someday soon have my own child - it was time to find a new passion. After being in college full time, working 2 part time jobs, and babysitting at least 3 nights a week it was time for a calmer life, one that did not include someone elses child being in my sole care.

Sound Harsh?
Great Nanny Look - right?

That is totally how I felt, completely burned out and bored with watching children. I wanted to work at a desk near adults. My dreams of family went from wanting to have a house full of kids to maybe someday, a very far off day, I would have one.

So with new career in hand, working 9am-5pm, with not only people my own age - but get this - I was the baby of the place. Being one of the youngest full-time staff members at the time felt good. No babies, no kids, no runny noses, bottles to make, or toys to pick up. It was just me, my job, and my friends.

Life was great, until... 

 (Look for I Un-Quit in the Next Few Days)

CECONNER ©4.16.2014

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